Be bold for change!

‘Every person can play a part in helping drive better outcomes for women. Through meaningful celebration and targeted bold action, we can all be responsive and responsible leaders in creating a more gender inclusive world. So around the world, International Women’s Day provides an important opportunity for ground breaking action that can truly drive greater change for women.
Use International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8 to:
  • celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women because visibility and awareness help drive positive change for women
  • declare bold actions you’ll take as an individual or organization to help progress the gender agenda because purposeful action can accelerate gender parity across the world’
So today I’d like to celebrate some inspiring women that I know. Two years ago when I was starting my journey with Orchard Fruit Textiles I had a lucky break. A former teacher I knew told me about a new group that was starting locally called Creative Women Together run by a truly inspirational woman – Helen Botrill. Helen has had her own creative business – Kindred Rose and now uses her skills to support and encourage women with creative businesses through The Creative Business Network
Without the support of Helen, I would truly have had no idea of where to start and how to move forwards. Also through her I have met so many inspirational women with their own creative businesses. There is something about a group of women – there is no competition even amongst those of us with similar skills, if you need help or advice – someone will come back to you with support, on those days where you doubt yourself – someone always encourages you and reminds you of what you can do and what you’ve already achieved, on those days when you’ve had a success – everyone is always pleased for you.Untitled design

Now I’m not saying that a group of men can’t be supportive but our Creative Women Together group is truly an example of how mutual support is driving positive change for us.

Why don’t you share your celebration or bold action? #IWD2017 is #BeBoldforChange

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