Ok so who has done the RSPB garden birdwatch this year or indeed the School Garden Bird watch?
We’ve been doing it at home for quite a few years and when I was still teaching I would encourage my classes to watch the birds and do the bird count.goldfinch-1251025_960_720

I ‘m lucky enough to live in the country and be surrounded by fabulous habitats for native British birds of all sorts. We have blackbirds, thrushes, wrens, woodpeckers, nuthatches, house sparrows, dunnocks, blue, marsh and great tits as well as the long tailed tits which always make me laugh. Then there are chaffinches, goldfinches, greenfinches and occasionally bull finches, just to mention a few. Not to forget the robins and especially the one robin that often sits by my sewing window keeping me company for many hours.robin-1526091_960_720

Just about two years ago right at the start of Orchard Fruit Textiles, I was lucky enough to meet a truly inspiring maker and wonderful person – Sarah J Perry of Sarah J Perry Designs.
She truly does have the gift for taking thread and fabric and bringing an image to life. While she does embroider many animals, it’s her birds that truly inspire me especially the three-dimensional sculptures that seem to be almost alive. The first I saw was a little wren perched on a mossy stick and somehow I could not believe that it was not one of those that flit in and out of the mossy twigs by my house.sarahjperrydesigns_wren_madebyhandonline1_large
Truly beautiful…….

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