Why we love seasonal (and so should you)

Why we love seasonal (and you should too)January – new starts  -new shoulds. We all love it don’t we?

Well I’m not so sure about January personally but I do love the seasons. We are so lucky to live in England with each season so distinct. Spring flowers with the promise of warmer days, summer with its long bright days and colourful flowers, autumn with its wonderful colours and the slide into winter and cosy days with time for those quiet inside tasks.
The seasons really inspire my work.  Daily walks remind me of the plants and flowers around me.  As I walk I take photos and sometimes sketch little reminders to bring into new embroideries. Sometimes I’ll include colour collected from the plants themselves or pressed leaves. Colour inspiration comes from what I see around me and how those colours make me feel.

Sometimes it’s the smallest detail that grabs my eye. Even in these dark winter days the wonderful Devon hedge banks around me are full of life. This week there were tiny wild strawberry plants flowering in the frost – a promise of warmer days to come.3534982_49f66059

Sometimes it’s the bigger picture a view from the hill across the tufted grass of the bog to the silent birch trees beyond – blend of purples and browns that merge into the winter sky.1096198_00ea9952

Living with the seasons is my way of life.


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