Indigo continued

So over the last week or so I have been laying in supplies and scouting round the house and garage in preparation for this afternoon.



Calcium Hydroxide

Various bowls, jugs and stirrers

Bucket with lid

Spring clamps

Rubber gloves Orchard Fruit Textiles Indigo (3) preparations

After re-reading my notes from the workshop, I set to – outside as I didn’t really want to turn my kitchen blue and it was a lovely afternoon.

As per instructions 1 part indigo powder: 2 parts calcium hydroxide: 3 parts fructose all mixed with warm water and then the special stir which hopefully produces the special indigo ‘flower’. Yes there is that funny indigo smell.

Orchard Fruit Textiles Indigo (2) making the vat

Then a reasonably patient wait – see here for my thoughts on patience!

I left it an hour before I dipped a little scrap of calico in to the vat (having scooped off my ‘flower’) – YES it went green! Now I know what you’re thinking – ‘isn’t indigo blue?’ Well that is the magic and I think mystery of indigo. The fabric/wool/thread or whatever you add to the vat comes out green and after being exposed to oxygen then it turns blue!

Orchard Fruit Textiles Indigo (4) indigo flowerFrankly it was as well no one else was out in the garden or they would have thought me even sillier than they already do – let’s just say I was very pleased and just a little excited.

So in went some samples of different shibori clamp methods, just using some calico that was left over scraps from another project. See there is use for scraps!

And here are the results – I am afraid that I didn’t take any photos of the process, as I said I was a little excited- sorry!

Orchard Fruit Textiles Indigo (8) results

As you can see I had made quite a strong vat, it will be interesting to see how strong it is tomorrow after today’s little play.Orchard Fruit Textiles Indigo (13) overdyeing

The little scraps are pieces from my scrap  box which I thought I’d over dye just to see how they turned out.

Lovely if you love blue which I do!





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