The problem with sewing is fabric!

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE fabric! But from the moment you have set your heart on buying a piece of fabric, to the point you’ve cut into it to make whatever dreamed of  item you are making – you know that you are going to have scraps!

If you live in a dinky little cottage like mine or I suspect even if you live in a bigger house with dedicated crafting studio not the dining table which I have to use, storing these scraps can be a problem.

True my adventures in free motion appliqué do allow me to cherish a wide variety of even the tiniest scraps but maybe it also exacerbates the problem. You see that tiny scrap of something might just be the perfect petal or leaf!

Now those closest and dearest to me will tell you that I like to store things in piles! I can remember where something is in a pile for months maybe even years! But fabric doesn’t make easy piles – it has this habit of sliding where it should not slide. And piles expose my precious scraps to light and dust damage – aargh! So my scraps are kept in clear plastic tubs with lovely clip on and off lids which amazingly sometimes stretch to accommodate a little more than they should.

But even so I have another secret.

When idly spending time on Pinterest – sorry that should have read researching trends on Pinterest – you come across pictures of amazing studios with fabric stored like this


Or this


Or even this


However this is not what my scrap storage looks like – when the lid is off and I’m in the midst of appliquéing anything in sight (or so my children say) – I am afraid to say it looks like this

Orchard Fruit Textiles (3)

When I am searching for that special something that will be just right for a violet or cornflower, sometimes just sometimes I come across something unexpected, some scrap that has waited just for this special moment to remind me of its presence when it will be perfect for the Echinacea flower that I hadn’t even know would be so perfect in this piece.

August days…


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