Patience rewarded…

I used to think that you get better at being patient as you get older. But maybe it’s just time seems to get faster as you get older. Anyway these last few days have been very hard on my patience. The weather has been wonderful and we have been in the garden lots – eating outside, reading outside, sewing outside, planting outside and just being. And everyday those two small jars of colour have been winking at me, tempting me to have just a little peak. But I have resisted until today – surely four days of glorious sunshine is enough.

And so this afternoon I opened the jars tipped out the nettles and onion skins and unfolded the fabric. Well here are the results – beautiful soft colours – nature’s own bounty.

Orchard Fruit textiles (20).

From left to right a piece of the fabric undyed, the nettle jar dyed fabric and the onion skin dyed fabric. I love that soft green of the nettles.

Orchard Fruit textiles (18)

I’ll leave them hanging there for a few days to see if the sunlight fades the colour much.

But now I am looking round the garden to see what else I might try and where can I get some bigger jars so I can dye bigger pieces of fabric…..

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