Colour from the garden….

Over this winter I have been reading and planning some experiments into natural colour. There are many books and blog posts showing complicated methods of dyeing fabric and thread or so it seems to me. I do not want to buy lots of chemicals and worry about storing and using them with children around. but I also want the colours to last.

I keep coming back to solar dyeing and which is a ‘slow dyeing’ approach outlined by Claire Wellesley-Smith in her wonderful book ‘Slow Stitch’. It seems straight forward and minimal on the chemical front.

So today once the sun came out, I have had a little play.

Orchard Fruit textiles (2)crop
Jam jars and 5ml Alum powder (as a mordant)


Orchard Fruit textiles (4)crop
I’ve been collecting onion skins all winter!
Orchard Fruit textiles (5)crop
Orchard Fruit textiles (9)crop
Hot water
Orchard Fruit textiles (15)
Sit the jars somewhere sunny and wait!

I’ll have to show you the results next time…..

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