Welcome sunshine…

First of all I suppose I should apologise for the gap in posting. As I’ve got older and especially in the last few years I find that the early  months of the year are months of challenge for me. I miss the light and only with the lengthening days do I find my energy returning.

This week with the weather finally warming and the days certainly  longer, I made the trip once more to Hunt the Moon and chose some delicious new colours to do some sunprinting. Today I got out a silk scarf and had a play.

Orchard Fruit (4).

Working on silk was different to working on the cotton drill I mostly used last year. The Dye-na-flow ink spread deliciously smoothly. It was a very lightweight silk and so with the bright sun of a beautiful May day the print effect took only about thirty minutes. Having an almost ‘instant’ result is always satisfying. Some of the leaves that I pressed last autumn were still good to use  and the ferns produced a beautiful delicate print. After fixing the colour with the iron, I gave it a quick wash with a silk wash detergent and let it air dry on the line.

Orchard Fruit (1)

Overall I was pleased with the result. Next time I’m going to try a very fine cotton batiste which is almost as fine as the silk.

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