A golden morning…

This morning I played truant…. after an early visit to a new client and another to a local farm shop, I took the opportunity to wander back home through the narrow Devon lanes.


It was one of those golden early autumn mornings that just seem to be. All at once it is no longer summer but it’s not quite autumn. The mornings have a certain chill in the air and the evenings are slowly but steadily drawing in. Local farmers are busy taking advantage of the weather for another crop of silage or late hay.

Orchard Fruit 10.9 (12)It was the sort of day when it is easy to be mindful of the moment – when one can be content just to ‘be’, to take pleasure in what is happening around you now and not worry about yesterday or tomorrow. This is not something I find easy but is something that the people helping me through last year’s dark times encouraged – to be mindful and dwell in the present.

Orchard Fruit 10.9 (6)For more years than I care to admit to, September has been a month for new beginnings and fresh starts as the academic year begins. Whether as a student myself or later as a teacher, September was a time to hope and make that fresh start but it was also a time when life once more became regimented and controlled. After a summer of freedom and those golden days of youth, it is only too easy to resent the coming of autumn. Orchard Fruit 10.9 (5)

But now those dark times of the last few years are clearing and September doesn’t have to mean those things. Today reminded me of this – a golden day of promise to hold on to and remember through the cold and dark of winter. Of course this feeling is creeping into my sewing too. Here’s a sneak preview of some autumn work in progress.

Orchard Fruit 10.9 (17).jpg

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