A busy week…

This week has been a mixed week – some curtain and cushion making  for a special girl’s bedroom, some more dressmaking and then some lovely days spent with our nephew from Texas who we hadn’t seen for three years.

However into that busyness I managed to squeeze in a visit to Hunt the Moon here in Devon. Although I have been pleased with the results of the sun-printing I have been doing using the Pebeo Setacolour for light fabrics, I was feeling that I’d like to explore other makes of fabric paint that you can use. After a quick email to Hunt the Moon who import the Jacquard range from the USA, they kindly welcomed me into their base in Ivybridge, so I could see the range and choose the colours I’d like to try.

Today after sending our nephew onto his next destination and before taking my own two to a fun birthday party this afternoon, I managed to squeeze in a little time to try out these new inks. As their name suggests the ink flows beautifully like a dye and doesn’t need mixing with water as the Pebeo does, although you still apply it to wet fabric. even on a cloudier afternoon than I thought it was going to be, the results were good. As with the Pebeo, ironing it makes the colour fast and then wash with a non-bio detergent.

Orchard Fruit sun printing dye-na-flow (1)-001
still drying on the line…

Now I just need to squeeze in some embroidery on top before next week…

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