Twenty Things …

This week I was lucky enough to spend a lovely day with Juliet and Jemima and enjoy a lovely lunch too. However it seems there was a price for all the loveliness – thank you Juliet for nominating me!

So here goes – 20 things that you might not know about me

  1. I enjoy cooking and baking! In fact as a student I worked in the holidays as a cook at a local restaurant where as well as daily visitors, we also catered for weddings and charity balls and functions. One memorable August Bank Holiday I cooked 500 lunches which were served in 2 hours!
  2. As a young, free and independent teacher I spent one summer holiday youth hostelling in British Columbia and western Alberta. One of my fondest memories of the trip is when I went out in a Haida Indian whaling canoe from the harbour in Victoria. After a while we came to some rocks which were encircled by sea fog over the tidal race there. The sea lions on the rocks were calling out to each other and suddenly out of the ocean right next to the canoe rose a young orca (killer whale) – one of those magical moments that stay with you forever.
  3. I make all our own bread – over the years I have periodically done it, but last year when leaving the house was so difficult, I started again and have continued. And now my lovely boys moan if they don’t have mum’s bread. Baking bread was one of those activities that got me cooking again – as you do it in stages you don’t have to concentrate for too long!Orchard Fruit - baking bread (1) Orchard Fruit - baking bread (4)
  4. As a teenager I once sang at the Albert Hall.
  5. More cooking! – Age 11 I won first prize for my Victoria Sponge in our Village Flower Show – you can imagine how certain ladies in the village felt about that!
  6. I love a good book – I get totally lost in the story. The strong sense of almost bereavement that I feel when nearing the end has sometimes felt like physical grief.
  7. I am not one for the bright lights or city living – I lasted eighteen months living in Brighton. I love peace and quiet…a few years ago we had a family holiday to the west coast of Scotland staying near Plockton – it was bliss. One day we were touring on the west coast of Skye and we stopped by a secluded cove. It was rocky and covered in seaweed and the boys went off to explore. I went and stood by some rocks. It was so quiet that you could actually hear the tide coming in. The water bubbling gently up through the pebbles and seaweed – slowly slowly creeping and edging closer. Even the noise the boys made seemed to be hushed by the place. Another of those special moments and a place I often visit in my mind when I’m needing some inner peace.
  8. I love exploring our family history – it’s like a good mystery. Sometimes it’s relatively easy and then you get a tease of something different and a glimpse in to long gone lives. But most of all it’s the thrill of the chase!
  9. I like red wine – not a total unknown for those of you who know me! Especially the wines of southern France. Before children (BC!) Grahame and I spent many happy times visiting vineyards and tasting and of course seeking that magic wine and food match.
  10. I have a degree in geography and for one of my final dissertations researched and mapped the Kent and Sussex coast at the time of Domesday.
  11. One of my weirdest experiences was when during a geography field trip to Normandy, we found that our party had been joined by Polish cycling team (this was pre the fall of the Iron Curtain!) Suddenly the hostel corridors were full of muscly men having massages and shaving interesting parts of their anatomy ….
  12. Last summer I made an experiment and produced Blackberry brandy -this was a very good idea and this year I plan to make more!!
  13. I cry very easily – the news, dramas, documentaries, books, stories anything and everything can set me off!
  14. Travelling – I really enjoy travelling – not that we have done much since we’ve had the boys. I like meeting people, seeing places, finding out about the culture …. and there might be wine and food!
  15. I hate spiders – one of my dear brothers put one on my face as a child -well you can imagine the rest!
  16. I like messing about in streams and rock pools – building dams, clearing channels –at one point I wanted to become a civil engineer!
  17. I Love fabric – its weave, texture, colour, pattern – everything!
  18. Knitting –I am always amazed that with a yarn and 2 needles I can make a fabric – isn’t that great?!
  19. I once went to Mexico for lunch (by boat with a dog called Clancy!)
  20. I don’t like confrontation and so I am not very good at saying no, when really I have enough to do already. So please don’t push me into any more corners –or nominate me for anything else!

And now it’s my turn to nominate!

I nominate…Mal Squance, Fiona Cathcart and Jo Heath – I am looking forward to finding out more about you!

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