A special visit

Thank you so much to those who kindly sent encouraging words on reading my first blog last week. It meant a lot to me.

Friday saw me venturing to Bovey Tracey with a special new friend – Juliet Sutton of Hessian and Honey. We were both making a first trip to the amazing Contemporary Craft Festival held over three days. I have rarely been to such a positive feeling event showcasing some incredibly talented craftsmen and women. Basic materials – fibre, wood, clay, glass, paper, metal and gemstones – transformed by their skilled hands. Some designers have especially stuck in my memories of that magical day….

I was very tempted by the beautiful ceramics of Katrin Moye –they would surely have brightened up everyday.  Arwyn Jones’ practical pots would have made preparing food a pleasure and I really fell in love with the large bread bin from Roop & Al Make Pots.

Of course my passion is fabric and thread, so the range of textile designers were a special delight. When I first started on Pinterest, one of my first pins was a beautiful linen coat with a pleated back, so to actually see the deceptively simply lines of Terry Macey’s clothes was wonderful. I just loved the naturalistic screenprinting of  Helen Round and the delicate weaves of Louise Cottey were a revelation.

We rounded off the day with a visit to my sister and her new small flock of Shetland sheep. For Juliet it was the icing on the cake and if you look at her blog and Etsy shop, you will see some of the fantastic spinning, weaving and knitting she does with this special fibre.

Orchard Fruit-Shetland lamb

So what am I up to this week?

Well after a weekend spent watching one son playing cricket and acting as taxi driver to the other – I did manage to spend a little time squeezing in some more free motion embroidering – trying some other flowers this time including teasels. I love their architectural shape – from their fuzzy purple flowers to the stark brown of their overwintering silhouettes.


Today I am working on a beautiful red prom dress for a special girl and then I begin on two sets of curtains.

From fine chiffon to heavy cotton….I love sewing!

3 thoughts on “A special visit”

  1. It was a truly lovely day, especially as it was the first time I got to spend time with you – wonderful. thanks for a lovely day and what a beautiful blog! And I want your teazels – they are gorgeous!

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