A Journey of Discovery…..

A journey of discovery…


This morning I set out to start on one of my goals which I shared yesterday with a new friend at Creative Women Together. We were at a seminar led by the inspirational Gill Donnell Smith MBE, organised by the equally inspirational Helen Bottrill.

We were talking about the habits of successful women and what we women do to sabotage our own potential. Setting goals along the way is one tool that Gill talked about. But this morning as I got out my sewing things and started to go about developing my free-motion embroidery skills, I starting thinking and reflecting more on yesterday and the last year. Perhaps I had better start at the beginning….

Until last Spring I was a teacher – I helped my mum in her school, I taught Sunday school as a teenager, I spent four years training be a primary teacher and until last year had spent 25 years teaching in primary schools both in Sussex where I grew up and here in the South West where I have made my home. Then after a period of unsurmountable stress I suddenly knew that I was no longer a teacher in the sense I thought I understood.

Slowly with a lot of love and support from some amazing people I have begun to emerge from that time and have learnt that I can become someone else – me.

I have been exploring a creative side to me that I didn’t know that I had, using the sewing skills taught to me by my mother and grandmother and dipped into over the years. With an increasing need to pay the bills, I started using my sewing as a means to an end. Now that is begun I can really begin to discover myself and that side of me I never knew I had.

So this morning I got out my sewing things once more and began on that first goal – exploring and developing my free-motion embroidery skills. And this is what came about……

to begin..
to begin..
Orchard Fruit free motion flowers (4)
Orchard Fruit free motion flowers (1)
and finally...
and finally…

There are other skills I’d like to try and discover but for this morning this feels like a good place to start.



3 thoughts on “A Journey of Discovery…..”

  1. You should be very proud of yourself! You are very good at what you do and your work is gorgeous. Are you ready for that coffee yet? X


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